Today the company is able to provide integrated services for all your requirements, from worldwide import of goods to customs clearance, quality control, vendor compliance, reporting, pick and pack and valued add services, Ecommerce, shipping distribution, services and supports for store opening and more, supported by integrated software for the management of changes and on-time order fulfillment.

world leading company

Om Log is world leading company for integrated logistics in the fashion market. Customers are offered complete logistics services with a value added through years of experience.
In order to ensure complete satisfaction of their partners, Om Log give particular attention to process innovation, design and implementation of Supply Chain Solutions.
Our mission is carried out every day by a dynamic and skilled team who are able to guarantee the flexibility and excellence required today.


Through the Sorter, an innovative automated sorting system for orders of garments, footwear and accessories picked up in a massive way, we interface to the business WMS, and this allows us to apply customizations with high added value on the same conformation of packages for Shipping.
The sorting system is designed for a marshalling of approximately 200,000 pieces per day and it’s able to cope with peaks of production provided during the year.

quality control

Check incoming goods with its quality control where required by the customer, supported by the use of sample garments, datasheets, color folders. Quality control is carried out principally in the verification of the necessary labels (composition, washing, made in, size), control of technical compliance (standard measures, quality of ironing, packaging, compliance of color baths).


Receipt of all product classes in a centralized warehouse equipped for handling garments and accessories (shoes, small leather goods, sports equipment) through radio frequency systems managed by a dedicated software with the ability to interface with the customer for traceability and product availability.

Shipping GOODS

Movement of goods within the storage box to technical and customer box, based on optimization parameters (product type, product category, access times, rationalization of space) and the constant traceability of products in stock, guaranteed by association between container and map.

type of packaging

Possibility of applying special rules of packaging of goods to better meet the different business needs (by product group, product category, theme, type of articles), statically (packaging for each category) and dynamically (packaging single category as long as possible, but always guaranteeing the maximum coverage of shipping).

Possibility to use customized labels on all products before and after packaging (price labeling, applying labels sewn to certain markets).

bonded warehouse

Readiness to have an authorization issued by Customs Agency to set up warehouses of type E in which you can store and handle the goods subject to “free stock”, clear goods and pay duties only at the time of shipment, ship goods to the outside the EU without payment of duty. It’s possible to perform this service thanks to a system operating in constant connection with the Customs.

goods management

Minimum Stock Management – Ability to manage the replenishment of stocks of goods, gradually stoking the dynamic warehouse with internal movements from the warehouse. Ability to ensure proper rotation of merchandise in function of the logic “first in, first out”.

Reassortment – Management and restocking of goods with requirements of particular urgency, made using parallel operating channels.

Inventory – Ability to perform activities of late-season/year-end detection inventory or survey activities with the ordinary operations of payment, picking and packaging without causing any problem in terms of timing and availability of product.


We enable any shop anywhere in the world to receive hanging garment shipments without the need for time-consuming transshipment and without being dependent on a specific airline.
The benefits of the AirTextainer vis-à-vis shipment by flat pack. Items of clothing that tend to crease are transported over long distances from source to destination as hanging garments and thus in a very gentle manner. It is not necessary to invest in labor-intensive preparation at the destination. A further advantage is that, compared with standard containers, space utilization is around 15 per cent higher with the AirTextainer