Air & Ocean

OmLog manages international shipments by air and sea. We coordinate the entire process, from choosing the right modes of transport and loading equipment to ensuring reliable carriers. For urgent shipments we provide a Fashion Express & door-to-door service.

Express Service

“Fashion-X-Press“ is an integrated door-to-door service offer based on an industry specific cooperation between OmLog and major premium airlines. Shipments are transported fast and reliably “on hangers“ (G.O.H) and/or “flat pack” from shipper to the consignee.


Defined transport times
By defined transportation times the customer is able to plan the further process and sales.
No re-finishing costs/no packaging costs Transportation on hangers or “flat pack”, door-to-door saves costs and time for special packaging material and the re-finishing at the end of the chain.
Tracking & Tracing via internet
Every single shipment will be scanned via barcode. This enables a tracking and tracing of the shipment along the entire transport chain.

G.O.H. (garments on hanger)

Garment On Hanger (GOH) (also known in certain circles as Hangtainer) containers are standard/dry containers that are converted/outfitted to be able to safely and conveniently carry garments on hangers – the same way you see them hanging in all the major retail stores..
The retail companies benefit a lot in terms of time, labour and money by using GOH for their garment imports as they can move the garments from the container to the shop floor DIRECTLY and in a good condition..


Economies of scale in logistics, transport and procurement capabilities due to fruitful relationship with customer.
A unique partner highly reliable (skilled and experienced)
IT Systems fully integrated
High Flexibility in timing and labour structure
Carrier Integration and Network
High Customization


Customer Service will answer phone calls from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST, Monday to Friday.
Customer Service will provide specific voice mailbox for calls received after hours and during holidays. Office/Store will be contacted next business day by 10 am (local time).
Customer Service will provide back-up during off-hours and weekends at all times during the year.
Call Center will be able to identify authority level of caller (i.e., Regional, District or Store Level caller) and respond with different policies per Concept request.