e-commerce services

This activity allows receiving steady orders from retail customers, using parameters and rules completely different from normal warehouse operations, with various integrated information systems and by communicating.
The service covers a range of customization offered by the controller to its buyers and made with us.
The same logic of receipt and control of other realities have been developed and evolved in different service levels, more contracts and expanded services due to the presence of a call center closely interfaced to our staff for taking charge and the resolution of individual reported cases, based on priorities assigned.
Orders received in the system can leave our warehouse the same day and the management includes the reception "returns" and their reconditioning, performed by qualified personnel.


Through the Sorter, an innovative automated sorting system for orders of garments, footwear and accessories picked up in a massive way, we interface to the business WMS, and this allows us to apply customizations with high added value on the same conformation of packages for Shipping.
The sorting system is designed for a marshalling of approximately 200,000 pieces per day and it’s able to cope with peaks of production provided during the year.