Type “E” warehouse

Type “E” bonded warehouse permitted to place the goods under the Warehouse Procedure without them being physically stored in a Customs Warehouse. This type of warehousing requires a high level administrative organization including inventory records, as the physical location of the goods is not the key factor, but the fact that the goods are entered in the warehouse records. Customs must be able to follow the goods through the records system. This type of warehouse is the most sophisticated type which gives maximum affidability.

Fiscal Representation

This procedure allows to have a private bonded warehouse where only the warehouse keeper can store his goods, where the warehouse keeper is the same person as the depositor but is not necessarily the owner of the goods.

Customs Compliance

OmLog sets its customers’ global regulatory policies as it relates to International Trade.

A well experienced and dedicateddepartment provides customers with customs assistance and ensures that shipments are always cleared smoothly all over the local destinations.

OmLog supports compliance with all laws and regulations, positively effecting the supply chain through expeditious Customs and other government agencies clearance.

This peculiar service creates and builds partnerships with internal business clients.